Commuter bikes are a great way to save money on transport and to exercise. There are a lot of models to choose from and finding one that suits all your needs can be hectic. Here are a few types of commuter bikes that will help make your decision easier.

1.Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle 440

Schwinn manufacturing company has been around for ages and it is the backbone of almost all childhood bike memories. The company was founded in 1895 and is well known for some of its iconic bike models like the phantom. The bike is fitted with an aluminum frame that is durable and does not rust easily making the bike last for a very long time. Additionally, the aluminum is lightweight which makes the bike super light and very easy to turn corners. The bike is fitted with a Schwinn alloy crank that allows braking to be easy and smooth. Additionally, the bike comes with raised handlebars that allow you to ride the bike in an upright position. Also, the bike has a padded saddle that gives you comfort while riding the bike and makes you enjoy the daily commute to work or to school. An added advantage to this bike is that it is fitted with fenders that keep any dirt and mud away from the rider.

2.Critical Cycles Harper Commuter Bike 172

Critical cycles are very particular at giving you the best quality of bikes available in the market and they take their time in designing the bike they have on the market. Critical cycle harper commuter bike comes fitted with a flip-flop hub that allows you to choose between a single speed and fixed gear. Single speed basically allows you to ride the bike as traditional bike and enables you to move forward when your feet touch the pedal. While a fixed gear links you to your bike with every movement you make or don’t make the bike automatically responds. Since riding with a fixed gear is not for everyone this bike gives you the option to choose which experience is the best for you. For a comfortable ride, this bike allows you to sit upright and in a relaxed position as it is fitted with slightly raised handlebars. For the utmost comfort while pedaling the bike comes with a padded saddle to give you the needed comfort while you ride over a long distance. Cycling harper is fitted with front and rear brakes which ensure that you are safe each and every time you hit the road.

3.Critical Cycles Beaumont 146

Ladies are you tired of always not finding the perfect size bike for you? Then no need to worry because the critical cycles have got you covered. The critical cycles Beaumont bike is specifically designed for ladies all around the world. It is fitted with an aluminum frame that fits most lady sizes and allows you to cycle with comfort. Moreover, the bike comes in different chick colors that suit your preferences ranging from turquoise, white, coral, blush pink, eggshell, midnight, and turquoise and white. The front and rear brakes ensure that you are in control of your bike at all times and that you stop slowly and evenly without falling over the handlebars. And who said ladies can’t be crafty? This bike comes partially assembled and gives you that pride of doing it yourself and owning your own project.

4.Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 79

Are you looking for a bike that will serve you as a commuter bike and as a road bike? Then this bike from the Vilano manufacturing company is the best bike for you. The bike serves as both a commuter bike and it will be a great form of transport from school or to your office. Moreover, if you are looking to try cycling as an active sport then this bike is a great way to start cycling with you and your friends. If you love a little DIY project then this bike is the best for you to get your hands busy and dirty. The bikes come partially assembled and with all the tools and parts for assembling, so get a little fun in trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. Enjoy the upgraded quick release wheels which are fitted in this bike model to give you ultimate brake use. The bike is fitted with a double butted aluminum frame that is lightweight and very stylish to give you the ultimate biking experience.

5.sixthreezero Ride 16

The sixthreezo manufacturing company is behind this fantastic product. The bike comes fitted with a rear rack carrier to carry most of your stuff in it without the weight slowing you down. Additionally, the bike is fitted with fenders that keep dirt and mud away from you. The bike is fitted with comfortable padded leather saddle, matching grip handles that allow you to ride in comfort and still have that stylish look on your bike. Moreover, the Shimano 7-speed derailleur allows you to have a wide range of rides from long distance to short leisure rides around the park.

6.Royce Union 700c RMX Mens 3-Speed Commuter Bike 0

This product is from the Royce Union manufacturing company. If you are looking for a superior performance in a bike then this is your go-to bike. It is made from durable lightweight aluminum materials which are not heavy and does not easily rust ensuring that your bike serves you for eternity. Moreover, the lightweight material allows you to maneuver through tight corners with ease and gives you great bike comfort. For the lovers of a little DIY project then this bike has got you covered as it comes 90% assembled and leaves you a little assembling to handle yourself. Also, the bike is fitted with a premium quality padded saddle that will give you ultimate comfort when riding the bike to work or around campus. The bike is fitted with ergonomic grips that are molded to the shape of your hand to allow you to have a firm grip while riding. Additionally, the bike comes with raised handlebars to enable you to have that upright posture while riding the bike. A brilliant idea is the fixing of the Shimano 3 speed which allows you to have that smooth ride and shifting of the gears with just one twist. The lightweight alloy wheel rims and the linear pull brakes allow you to have that smooth breaking and control of the momentum when ascending a hill.

I hope you find the bike that suits your needs and allows you to have fun while riding it. So get up and hit your nearest bike store and grab the bike that will be great for you.
All the best and as always be safe!

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