There are a few guidelines that will make your cycling experience one to remember. You don’t want to experience accidents each time you go out for a bike ride. This can be avoided by the use of these simple tips to make your bike ride worthwhile. Most people always ignore the simple tips when it comes to bike riding as they consider them not so important. If you have ever been stuck miles away from home because you had a flat tire you probably know what am talking about. Cycling can be a sport as well as a leisure physical activity but no matter what kind of cycling you are taking part in its good to keep in mind some of these important tips. Get to know your bike and the terrains surrounding you and have fun while you are at it.

Know your gears
When cycling it is of utmost importance that you get to know your gears as this will help improve your bike riding techniques. Also, knowing the different types of gears in your bike will help you in terms of safety and protect you from accidents. The front gears are used to make the biggest shifts when cycling. They are located at the front near your right pedal. The gears help in climbing a hill and you need to apply less force and enjoy an easy climb. These gears are easily controlled by the shift mechanism on the left side of your handlebars. There are two to three rings to choose from when controlling the gears with the smallest ring providing the easiest turnover. The back gears which are located at the cog set near the rear wheel are used to fine tune your ride. This is used when you want to change your cycling pace and make your pedaling much simpler and easier. The back gears are controlled by the shift mechanism on the right-hand side of your handlebars.

Learn to break
This is the number 1 rule when cycling. Always learn how to break and stop when necessary. This reduces the risk of you getting into an accident. A trick is to always use both brakes evenly especially if you need to stop suddenly this will ensure that you don’t cause an accident. The front brake which is located at the left side of your handlebar provides more stopping power. However, sudden use of the brake can cause you to stumble and fall which is why you need to avoid using it abruptly. Slamming it abruptly is a sure way to cause you to catapult over the bars and crashing to the ground. For you to break easily add pressure gradually to both brakes simultaneously this will guarantee you that you stop much more easily. Avoid over gripping of the rear brake as this will cause your tire to skid and have less stopping power. Always watch ahead and moderate your speed at all time for safety.

Always lean your bike not your body
This is one of the common mistakes most people always do. Cyclers tend to lean their body when approaching a corner or turn and this often causes them to topple over and they can suffer serious injuries. Avoid breaking and twisting your arms and legs by simply following this simple rule when turning. Aim at pushing the handlebar that is closest to the inside of the turn slightly and this will cause your arm to strengthen a bit. This movement will automatically lean your bike toward the turn. Keep your body upright when doing this and don’t lean on your bike as this can cause you to fall and the bike to crush your ribs and limbs. Additionally, make sure that your outside foot is pushing down at the pedal as this will ensure that you don’t scrape yourself on the pedal. Also, it will ensure that you don’t lean too far to the bike and thus minimize any accidents.

Plan ahead before shifting
Always plan ahead before shifting any gears as this will help you to reduce too much strain in the bike chains. Familiarize yourself with the terrain and shift your gears before you reach a hill or a downhill. This will ensure that you don’t get into an accident and that you avoid damaging your bike. Waiting too long before changing gears can cause you to lose your momentum thus making it harder for the bike to shift appropriately. For you to familiarize yourself with the gears it is advisable to try cycling on an open stretch and try to see what some of the gears can do.

Learn to fix a flat tire or broken chain
Ever been on your amazing bike ride and then snap your chain breaks or worse you get a flat tire. The feeling can be super frustrating and to top it all up you are miles away from your mechanic. It is always advisable to learn how to fix a flat tire or fix your chain. This will save you a lot of time and energy as compared to waiting for help and carrying your bike. Your local mechanic can be willing to show you a few tricks to help during this situations or even the internet has a lot to offer on easy steps to repair your tire. Always have the necessary equipment needed to fix your broken chain and trye because there is no point in learning to fix a broken chain and having no equipment to do that.

Be smooth on the pedals
When you are cycling you want to enjoy yourself and not get hurt in the process. Always think of turning pedals in a circular motion this will prevent damage to the chain and keep your bike maintained. Nothing gets you all worked up than having to clean your shoes after every pedal stroke. Avoid all this by making sure that you pedal smoothly this will help you to have a fun ride. Additionally, this will help you apply the needed force throughout the stroke and make your pedaling more efficient.

We hope that this article has covered most of the essential tips you need to know when cycling. Always cycle when you have had a bite but don’t overfeed and most importantly wear safety gears at all times.
All the best and be safe!

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